Motivation and Inspiration

A collection of inspiring quotes, moving performances and exceptional singing

Fritz Wunderlich sings “Kuda, kuda” (Eugene Onegin)


Pavarotti sings Bellini’s “Ma rendi pur contento”


“The ideal teacher points to where to look, not what you should see.”

Dawn Upshaw / The Rake’s Progress

Sometimes I send my students a recording or performance that I think they should hear. This aria from The Rake’s Progress by Stravinsky is phenomenal and Dawn Upshaw sings with absolute perfection.
It doesn’t get much better than this. The voice is free, especially in the high range, the diction wonderful, fantastic coloratura. The positioning of the voice is perfect, totally equal in all of the registers. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!


Cuore, Cervello, Coraggio
(Heart, Brain, Courage)

Dino de Laurentiis: three needs for an excellent filmmaker

“To dare is to do”